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door fitted with the Perko closer requires a outwards, shaped or arched doors, zero head Half hour fire rating (rated in Great Britain. Perko is suitable for internal doors up to 50kg/lbs in weight in light to medium use applications. Solid brass round anchor plates, lacquered mechanism. Fire and smoke check doors: This product has been tested on a fire door assembly that achieved a 60 minute fire rating • Fire door closers, however.

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Suitable for internal doors up to mm wide and 80kg weight; 5 Year Guarantee; Tested to , operating cycles; 1 Hour Fire Test. Additional information. Free swing overhead closers, such as Freedor, hold fire doors open and automatically close them in the event of a fire alarm. They also removing weight from the. Concealed door closers are ideally used for internal minute fire doors to ensure they close after use, they typically use a spring back chain that is.

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Concealed Door Closer Chain Perko Type FIRE RATED Spring BRASS Hidden Internal ; Item No: ; Condition: New ; Seller: samantha4hardware See more. When the door is opened, the closer is designed to automatically close and latch the door. This allows fire and smoke seals to be effective. Without the door. The Perko door closer is the original concealed chain door closer, offering an economic means of providing automatic closing for internal doors up to 50kg in.