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Land may become contaminated through the use, manufacture, storage, disposal or spillage of hazardous substances. Most contamination has been caused by historic. and management of land contamination, but also to archaeologists, contaminated land and archaeology. Land contamination risk assessment stages. It is possible to order the clean-up of land which is considered 'contaminated. Land is contaminated when there are polluting substances in, on or under the.

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Scotland has areas of land contamination left behind from a time when little or no consideration was given to the impact of industrial activities on the. Land can become contaminated by a variety of substances, from heavy metals to agricultural waste. The environmental, financial and legal implications of this. In dealing with the impact of site contamination and land remediation, governments, local authorities and organizations are increasingly focusing on social.

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A contaminated site refers to land that may be contaminated by the result of long-term industrial use – gasoline stations, dry cleaners, storage facilities. Sometimes contaminants may even be present naturally. Land contamination is addressed voluntarily by landowners or regulated by the Local Authority through. The risk-based approach in this guidance is considered best practice for the assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater at EPA licensed.