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Accidental damage insurance can protect your property and contents against one-off incidents like spillages or breakages. Accidental damage insurance can be. Put simply, accidental damage cover is here for you when things go wrong. It's often classed as an optional extra, but really it's pretty important. It provides. Accidental damage cover – covers you against the cost of any accidents that damage your home. Cover as standard or available as an option. Damage caused by your.

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esure Accidental Damage for buildings covers accidents like cosmetic damage around the home, for example, foot through attic floor and ceiling below. DIY. If. Accidental damage to buildings comes as standard on owner occupied and holiday home insurance policies. It is not included on Landlord insurance. Accidental Damage is cover you can buy on top of your standard home insurance, which can enable you to claim for accidental damage to your house or.

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Accidental damage insurance helps cover the costs of repairing or replacing an item that's been damaged or destroyed by an accident at home. Many home insurance providers won't provide accidental damage as standard. With RAC Home Insurance it's available as an optional extra, to add to your main. The program covers direct physical loss due to accidental damage to covered property caused by fire, water damage, theft, flood, and other natural disasters.