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GCSEs are awarded on a graded scale, and cross two levels of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF): Level 1 and Level 2. These two levels roughly. Curriculum & Instruction · Kinesiology & Health Promotion · STEM Education · Early Childhood, Special Education & Counselor Education · Educational Policy Studies &. Many students who apply to Oxford are taking A-levels but we also accept a whole range of other equivalent UK and international qualifications.

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Certificate of Higher Education; Diploma of Higher Education; Bachelor's degrees; Master's degrees; Doctoral degrees. In order to get into university. NVQ National Vocational Qualification · Level 1 – Basic or Foundation Level · Level 2 – equivalent to GCSEs or First Diploma Level · Level 3 – equivalent to A. UK further education (FE) colleges are funded by the Government and offer access courses, higher education-level diplomas and in some cases full Bachelor's.

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Definitions of academic qualification levels. Please note - The definitions in Annex A provide a guide to the UK Higher Education framework. Masters degrees tend to involve in-depth academic study at university, often including a written dissertation. This may prepare you for a particular career, but. The UK education system is worldwide reputed for its high quality and standards. In general, the British higher education system has five stages of.