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The M Quick Truss system is our mid-sized stage truss line that can be used for both small and large applications. The M aluminum truss comes in a “B”. The Truss dolly and Truss Inserts from Milos make moving your truss from the truck to the installation area, and back again, easy and convenient. As. The Milos PRO truss is made of 50 mm alu pipe with a thickness of 2 mm and 16 mm braces.

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Milos Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers of trussing and staging systems. With over www.mskdriver.ru of s. The Milos M electro system with integrated track lighting is the ideal choice for retail and display lighting truss applications. Building large exhibition stands requires quality milos truss. In the truss display segment, you can find wholesale equipment that can help you craft.

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The extensive range of MILOS truss supports just about anything – lights, sound equipment, LED screens, glass, wood, textile, etc. It reliably handles light. For the ease of use of this manual trusses, truss element are referred to as „truss“. 2. SCOPE. MILOS trusses are structural elements designed to be repeatedly. BEFORE installing and operating a MILOS truss, read this manual carefully and pay attention to the information provided. Use this manual to familiarise.