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Garage door springs often relax with age. Relaxed springs can result in serious safety hazards, leading to an inability to open the door or a free-falling. Torsion · This spring system is located either above the garage door opening for a standard lift, or at the ends of the horizontal tracks for a low headroom lift. Some garage doors will have two different sizes of springs. Our service technicians recommend replacing both of them at once, even if only one broke. The.

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We stock a variety of garage door torsion springs to get your garage door opening and closing as soon as possible! Choose from different variations of. Torsion Springs. Garage door torsion springs. It is important to carefully go through each section above using the broken garage door spring you are replacing. Torsion springs are necessary to allow the up and down movement of the garage door. When a spring breaks the door needs to be opened manually. Most garage doors.

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The garage torsion spring is the mechanical device that lifts most of the weight of a garage door so that the door can be opened manually or by an electric. Replace both springs: Most garage doors are installed with two springs at the same time. If one of your garage door's torsion springs breaks, it's likely that. Find Extension spring garage door parts & hardware at Lowe's today. Shop garage door parts & hardware and a variety of windows & doors products online at.