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Understanding alcohol units. Units are a way of measuring the amount of pure alcohol in a drink. One unit equals 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol. What is in a standard drink · a pub measure of spirits (ml) · a small glass of wine (% volume) · a half pint of normal beer · an alcopop (ml bottle). Unit. If you drink with this much alcohol by volume one equals this many units sparkling wine. 10% small glass (ml) standard glass (ml).

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It depends on the alcohol content of the wine. I have a 13% bottle here that says units per ml glass. Divide that into mls and you get six glasses. As typical glass sizes have grown and popular drinks have increased in strength over the years, the old rule of thumb that a glass of wine was about 1 unit. For example, if a standard drink label on a bottle of wine says it contains eight standard drinks, and that bottle has only filled four big glasses, each of.

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One small glass of beer ( ml), one glass of wine ( ml, 11% abv), one shot (40 ml, 33% abv) spirits. Estonia (pdf). Men: up to 40 g of alcohol per day. Single 25ml shot of spirit like vodka or gin = 1 unit · ml bottle of alcopop = units · Small ml glass of wine = units · ml bottle of lager, beer. Divide that by 1, for the answer that this glass contains units of alcohol. Can I drink alcohol every day? It's a free country and there is no law.