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UNDERSTANDING CHALLENGING BEHAVIORS · PROACTIVE STRATEGIES · Be clear with expectations. Kids and teens can only do well when they know how. · Be consistent. Behaviour management strategies for challenging children · 7 | Teaching is tough – give yourself an outlet · 6 | Let children know they can choose their behaviour. 5 Ways To Prevent Challenging Behaviour In The Classroom · 1. Get To Know Your Student · 2. Get To Know Their Triggers · 3. Act Sooner Rather Than Later · 4. Make A.

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Strategies for Promoting Positive Behaviour. The most effective method adopted by teachers when attempting to manage challenging behaviour is to prevent it. Reactive strategies may take a number of forms and can include environmental, psychosocial and restrictive interventions such as physical holds, mechanical and. prevention of challenging behavior and promotion of appropriate social behaviors. These strategies include environmental manipulations, providing positive.

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can lay the groundwork for teacher success in managing challenging behaviors. use these strategies to minimize attention while redirecting the student. Adapted from Meeting the Challenge: Effective Strategies for Challenging Behaviour in Early Childhood Environments by Barbara Kaiser and Judy Sklar. Use distraction techniques: do not focus attention on the behaviour but instead do something to distract the person's attention away from it such as tell a joke.