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Tufftride® (Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburising) · Improved corrosion resistance. · Improved fatigue properties. · Minimal distortion caused by the process itself. MELONITE®, TUFFTRIDE® and ARCOR® are all liquid nitrocarburizing processes, Liquid Nitriding is often referred to as a heat treatment; but. Tufftride is a heat treatment process that enhances wear, fatigue and corrosion compound (epsilom iron nitride) on the surface of the treated component.

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It can be used as a final heat treatment and produces a material with better resistance than It is sometimes known as Tufftride, Tenifer or Melonite. It is sometimes known by the brand name of Tufftride, Tenifer or Melonite. Solution Heat • Treatment • Precipitation Hardening • Induction Hardening. All Heat treatment operation is a process of heating and cooling in order to effect changes also known by the trademarked names Tufftride and Tenifer.

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Cowies Heat Treatment (Pty) Ltd trading as Metal Technology Engineering is a medium sized heat treatment plant in Gauteng and is uniquely situated in the heart. Brisbane based family owned Heat Treatment Business. Australia's home of TUFFTRIDE. 46 posts. followers. 87 following. Tufftriding Process: The Tufftride® process of Durferrit is a Salt Bath Nitrocarburising treatment carried out at around °C for relatively short times.